Terms and Conditions

1. Sourcing and Mediation:

   The store functions as an intermediary and is not the originator of digital keys. The store’s accountability ceases upon the successful activation of the key.

2. Refunds and Exchanges:

   Keys once sold are irrevocable and non-substitutable. It is incumbent upon the buyer to meticulously confirm key details and product specifications prior to finalizing a purchase.

3. Warranty Coverage:

   A one-month warranty is extended by the store for digital products. For buyers seeking an extended warranty, direct consultation with the respective company is necessary.

4. Legal Indemnity:

   The store bears no responsibility for legal ramifications stemming from product misuse. This encompasses the use of products not designated for corporate or institutional purposes.

5. Price Dynamics:

   Key prices are susceptible to alteration without advance notice. It is the onus of the buyer to verify the key’s current price before executing a transaction.

6. Technical Liabilities:

   The store disclaims responsibility for any technical or software anomalies arising on the buyer’s device. Buyers are obliged to ensure compliance with the requirements of each intended software.

7. Customer Undertaking:

   Customers are entrusted with the responsibility of thoroughly perusing the details of each key.

8. Key Temporalities:

   All software keys from EasyiTechs are open-ended unless explicitly stated otherwise. For instance, antivirus subscriptions typically span an annual duration.

9. Activation Window:

   Buyers must promptly activate the key upon receipt or within a maximum period of three days as a stipulated activation deadline. Prolonged retention of an inactive key beyond three days is impermissible.

10. Activation Protocol:

    Activation of the key is imperative upon receipt or within a maximum period of three days as a prescribed activation timeframe. Requesting a key without activating it within the stipulated period is not allowed.

11. Return Policy:

    Post-receipt, there is no provision for returning the order under any circumstances.

12. Buyer’s Covenant:

    A buyer’s request for any key inherently implies concurrence with the aforementioned terms and conditions.

13. Refund Eligibility:

    Refund requests are entertained solely if a replacement for the same digital product is dispatched and proves dysfunctional.

14. Terms Amendment:

    Terms and conditions are subject to periodic updates, and the store is under no obligation to provide prior notice of changes.

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